The Art of Energy Coaching 

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Body Brilliance in Action!

The body knows more as a whole than the brain in isolation, so, why not tap into your own whole body brilliance?  There is indeed a map for this territory and it’s a relatively easy one to follow.  THIS…is the basis for energy work and energy-based coaching.  It’s a means of tapping into your own higher


Resonance of Awakening – What?

I’ve been asked many times over the years, why I used the name “Resonance of Awakening” for the online energy course we developed at Simply Energy.  It’s not so much that I want to start some new trend in natural healing, as it is an accurate description of what is actually happening, and here’s the


Finding Your Path!

When you’re on a quest to develop yourself, how do you know what source/path/process is right for you?  The answer is surprisingly simple.  It’s the one that you connect to, and works for you!  And by “works,” I mean that you see results, and quickly! To make the best decision, be mindful (not rational) what

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