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Resonance of Awakening – What?

I’ve been asked many times over the years, why I used the name “Resonance of Awakening” for the online energy course we developed at Simply Energy.  It’s not so much that I want to start some new trend in natural healing, as it is an accurate description of what is actually happening, and here’s the kicker, no matter what transformational or personal development modality you work with. And that’s because at the root, what you’re doing is working directly with energy resonance in the human body.

The research is almost without boundaries when it comes to new discoveries and our evolving understanding of the energy world.  What is more important than my attempting to convince you of just one of the particular domains of energy knowledge however, is that you do enough research for yourself and find out where your own beliefs lie to embark on deeper work.  The short of it is that there are only two things that make up everything, matter and energy…and energy is becoming the more significant focus in the equation…MUCH more significant.  More specifically, it’s what we choose to do with the “space” that governs more than we imagined.  That’s where Simply Energy can help!

Once you become more acquainted with the science behind the human condition, you quickly realize that the seemingly new age notion of “anything is possible” is actually true and natural to how we are “made.”  As are our natural abilities to rationalize away the concept of energy work to the point that we simply disregard it and continue looking for the quick fix amongst the myriad of self-help solutions.  And so it is that our presence is shaped by our beliefs. While it may seem like narrowing the focus is a good thing and helps maintain sanity, it’s really quite the opposite. We feel trapped, limited, bound to patterns of reality that aren’t even our own.  You didn’t shape what you now experience, although you have been reinforcing it perhaps unwittingly. Painful it is, to find many other authors and practitioners who spin this in some specially crafted way as to appear like a new concept.  No matter the language around energy work, it’s not new.  That said, find what resonates with you and go with it, being mindful however, of your bank account balance along the way.

The point of energy work is quite simply to start with the end game in mind and work directly with the most powerful part of the existence equation, the energy that is already a natural part of you, and is responsible for anything and everything that that is described in any language form.  It’s more difficult to come across logically when trying to talk or write about energy work than it is to experience it directly.

This is why I offer not only a free intake session but provide a first hand experience of energy coaching work to address something specific so that you can’t NOT notice the results.

When you experience the result, after only one session, you begin to see the power you have to create the possibilities you deserve. That’s what my work, and the work of many others in this field, is about. Getting you to a point of creation.

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