The Art of Energy Coaching 

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Finding Your Path!

When you’re on a quest to develop yourself, how do you know what source/path/process is right for you?  The answer is surprisingly simple.  It’s the one that you connect to, and works for you!  And by “works,” I mean that you see results, and quickly!

To make the best decision, be mindful (not rational) what drives your “connection” to the source. Einstein was quoted as saying “You cannot solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it.”  This statement, holds true for your quest.  Most  books and/or programs contain something like this; “I’ve been on a search for the best of the best, I scoured hundreds of sources and couldn’t find anything that worked, until one day, it hit me, why isn’t there a way to combine all the best things in the best bodies of work and package a super accelerated development program?”  Sound familiar?

Well, to be fair, it is indeed true for the person who actually experienced it.  The hope is however, that you will buy into all of “their” research and discovery being right for you as well.  Perhaps your journey would have led you to something different, perhaps even better.  You can buy into someone else’s story.  You cannot buy someone else’s experience!  You could say you are leveraging their experience.  If this is the case for you, being present and mindful about your choices is where the truth lies.

Oh…and guess what, as you might have guessed, my story is in fact similar.  I’ve been on the wellness, spiritual development, and coaching path for many years and have been through a great number of books, training programs, and seminars.  Along side of this life path, I’ve spent over 30 years working predominantly as a organizational development oriented turn around specialist for both large and small organizations.  During those years, I was able to experiment with the practical application of techniques and modalities in real world business settings.  In short, I bridge the realms of practical energy techniques within the business environment.  But I’m getting away from the point.

So…how can you tell who’s story is real, and whose is a fabrication or exaggeration, leveraging the crafty marketing approaches.  The point right up front is to step back before you leap forward.  Give yourself purposeful permission to just wade around in the self-development waters for a spell.  Give a light touch to several paths, talk with people you know find out as much as you can so you can make an informed entry into the world of developing yourself.  The short answer is that there IS a path that will work for you.  It can be difficult to sift through all those who claim to have done all the work…and found or made a program especially for you.  So, one way you could do a check up from the feet up, yes, I meant “feet” because energy work is about the whole body, is to do a free initial session with me to work on how to find your best path.

Let’s step back a second and take another look at Einstein’s quote, and, blend that with some modern psychology. The antithesis of it goes something like; you can’t grasp something that’s too far out of reach, i.e., you find it difficult to connect to it.  And, if you can’t connect to it, it’s not likely to work for you. It’s easy in this vein to see how the program is at fault when really, the seeker was just not ready for that particular program.  To say this more directly, the programs “you believe” are the right ones, and that have someone “you believe” to be a guru behind them…are more likely to fit your style.  Why? Because that’s where you are, what you’re ready for and able to see, because it’s close enough to your current world perception that it’s easy for “you to believe” it’s the right thing for you. AND…(jumping way forward into the energy space)…the reality of your situation is indeed that it feels right in that moment.

So…being mindful of how many times you’ve been through this cycle is a good tell on whether or not you’ve been making the right calls along the way.  This feedback is the most important piece of making the next decision.  Are you getting results, or not?  How easy are you finding it to identify what really works for you?  Have you spent a lot of time and money bouncing from program to program?  You can stop the madness…with a little mindfullness.

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