The Art of Energy Coaching 

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Energy Antenna ~ Tuning In!

Ever wondered why someone has the experiences they do?  Have you really thought about what’s going on to make the Law of Attraction function with near scientific predictability?  Well, here’s one way to shed some light on the not-so-mysterious mechanics in the form of a radio metaphor.

A radio antenna receives thousands of sine waves simultaneously.  So, how does it “tune into” a single radio station?  It uses a tuner to separate out ONE sine wave from the thousands received.  They work on principle called resonance.  “Turning the dial” changes the resonance of the tuner, thus filtering out all but one desired station.

Can imagine yourself as the antenna?  

You are receiving thousands of stimuli from your environment only not just through a single channel.  You are also receiving/sensing through multiple channels/senses simultaneously.  Your experience of that environment depends on how you are “tuned”…or…set up to resonate with what you receive.  See the parallel?  Certain “signals” are being received, amplified, even combined, while others are being diminished, ignored, or deleted all together.  That’s why, you can be in the same situation with many other people, yet experience something totally unique to you.

Ever ask yourself, “Why does this keep happening to me?”  Well, if you are tuned to one station, yet expecting to hear a different one, that simply won’t work.  You need the flexibility to adjust your tuner to receive “new” signals.  THIS is the key focus of the work I do.  Provide you with a tool that allows you to develop your own ability to “tune in” differently, and the flexibility to change what you resonate with.  That’s a pretty powerful personal development tool, and, one that will serve you in any environment.

One more thing.  Take this one step further.  Assume you’re in a crowd and you are all part of a particular experience.  Who would you be “attracted” to?  More than likely, those who are “tuned” in a way similar to you.  Why?  Because you share the experience in a similar way…they are “like” you in some way — Law of Attraction at work!  This is also the basis of building rapport.  That’s a different but related topic.

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