The Art of Energy Coaching 

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Body Brilliance in Action!

The body knows more as a whole than the brain in isolation, so, why not tap into your own whole body brilliance?  There is indeed a map for this territory and it’s a relatively easy one to follow.  THIS…is the basis for energy work and energy-based coaching.  It’s a means of tapping into your own higher intelligence. Read more…


Energy Antenna ~ Tuning In!

Ever wondered why someone has the experiences they do?  Have you really thought about what’s going on to make the Law of Attraction function with near scientific predictability?  Well, here’s one way to shed some light on the not-so-mysterious mechanics in the form of a radio metaphor.

A radio antenna receives thousands of sine waves simultaneously.  So, how does it “tune into” a single radio station?  It uses a tuner to separate out ONE sine wave from the thousands received.  They work on principle called resonance.  “Turning the dial” changes the resonance of the tuner, thus filtering out all but one desired station.

Can imagine yourself as the antenna?   Read more…


Resonance of Awakening – What?

I’ve been asked many times over the years, why I used the name “Resonance of Awakening” for the online energy course we developed at Simply Energy.  It’s not so much that I want to start some new trend in natural healing, as it is an accurate description of what is actually happening, and here’s the kicker, no matter what transformational or personal development modality you work with. And that’s because at the root, what you’re doing is working directly with energy resonance in the human body. Read more…


Fat Language – Can you spot it?

Leaders Listen Up!  Fat language is everywhere — that vague language that can mean many things, depending on the listener’s translation given their perceptions, filters, and beliefs in play.  Can you spot it?  Do you use it?  Can you tell the when it’s well intended and when it’s used to confuse and misdirect?  Vague language can be empowering…or…very disempowering.  As a leader, you should know the difference?  If not, you need to figure it out because it could make the difference in what happens next for you.  I can help!


Finding Your Path!

When you’re on a quest to develop yourself, how do you know what source/path/process is right for you?  The answer is surprisingly simple.  It’s the one that you connect to, and works for you!  And by “works,” I mean that you see results, and quickly!

To make the best decision, be mindful (not rational) what drives your “connection” to the source. Einstein was quoted as saying “You cannot solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it.”  This statement, holds true for your quest.  Most  books and/or programs contain something like this; “I’ve been on a search for the best of the best, I scoured hundreds of sources and couldn’t find anything that worked, until one day, it hit me, why isn’t there a way to combine all the best things in the best bodies of work and package a super accelerated development program?”  Sound familiar? Read more…

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Energy Coaching

The wisdom of the body is profound and communicates to us clearly and specifically, when we know how to listen. Create the life you want by learning to listen to and work directly with this powerful life force.

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Energy Healing

Reiki works with the body's natural system to support health and well-being. The benefits of energy healing work can be as profound as the results of Energy Coaching, with many reporting miraculous results.

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