The Art of Energy Coaching 

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Title Boxing Club & Isagenix

I wanted to take the time to shout out a huge THANK YOU to Mike Fryett, Title Boxing Club franchise owner, for inviting Sue, myself, and my daughter Katie to set up a table showing off a few of the Isagenix products highlighted on our eNutrition page.

Jeff Morrow and Sue Morrow at Title Boxing Club Manassas VA

Aside from the free product samples we offered and talked about with TBC members, there was quite an interest in learning more about the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing programs. (9 Day & 30 Days).  Members of TITLE Boxing Club are looking to build better bodies, Isagenix can help!

Jeff Morrow Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse

Sue, Katie, and I have been Title Boxing Club members now for just over 6 months and are absolutely loving it!  Talk about a calorie burn!  And Katie…what a boxing machine and nutrition citizen scientist she’s become.  Hmmm…and then there’s this side of Katie!  Gotta love this girl!

Katie Morrow Title Boxing Club Manassas VA

I was actually a bit skeptical about Boxing at first, given my shoulder issues…too many impacts from the good ole football days…and knees…um…too many impacts from the good ole football days.  But, I’ve been amazed at how boxing has actually strengthened both!  Between this workout routine, and Isagenix nutrition, I’m now keeping up with the youngsters (my son’s friend group) on his Sunday Sports Days.  Yeah…I still get some dings here and there…but recovery time is better than it used to be!  Healthy aging feels amazing with Isagenix!

Jeff Morrow Big Shot Event Title Boxing Club Manassas VA

Okay, so YES, I thoroughly enjoy the workouts at the Title Boxing Club in Manassas, and YES, I am totally excited about the incredible Isagenix product line…and YES…it’s a network marketing business that’s been VERY good to me financially.   In the spirit of sharing our health, wellness and wealth path, here are some links to check out.

Title Boxing Club ~ Manassas VA

TITLE Boxing Club in Manassas offers cardio classes unlike any other fitness clubs. By combining hit-free boxing, kick-boxing, and mixed martial arts training with intense cardio workouts and toning exercises, the Power Hour is an incredible way to help you meet your fitness goals whether you’re looking to tone your muscles or shed some pounds.

See> TITLE Boxing Club ~ Manassas Virginia (571) 292-1831


Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing

Get weight loss and cleansing off to a fast start with the 9-day supply of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System. Seven pounds is the average weight loss for people using the Cleanse and Fat Burning System for nine days.

See> Nutritional Cleansing Videos on this Site



Body Brilliance in Action!

The body knows more as a whole than the brain in isolation, so, why not tap into your own whole body brilliance?  There is indeed a map for this territory and it’s a relatively easy one to follow.  THIS…is the basis for energy work and energy-based coaching.  It’s a means of tapping into your own higher intelligence.

The energy process we teach at Simply Energy is simple, can be integrated into your daily life easily, and, the results are instantaneous. What’s more exciting however, is that the results are naturally ecologically sound — requiring no additional rational mind check-ins with other parts of yourself to concur the change. Why? Simply because you are processing/metabolizing/working directly with energy in the body in a way that’s natural to the human body.  The “ecology check” should definitely not be overlooked in any personal development work you do.

Working in a way that is aligned with natural processes is, hands down, a much more powerful way to achieve personal development than any other modality I’ve experienced.  It’s invisible.  It’s flexible.  It’s real time.  And, the tangible results can be amazing.

Now, am I saying that no other modality works and that this is the only way you should learn?  Not at all.  I am a strong believer in “many paths up the mountain” (Wilber) with respect to the evolution of consciousness and personal development.  What I DO strongly support and teach, is how to integrate energy processes into any other modality.  The process is unique to you, powerful, and is your personal leverage to achieving your own greatness.  You can experience the ease and power of the process in your first free session.


Energy Antenna ~ Tuning In!

Ever wondered why someone has the experiences they do?  Have you really thought about what’s going on to make the Law of Attraction function with near scientific predictability?  Well, here’s one way to shed some light on the not-so-mysterious mechanics in the form of a radio metaphor.

A radio antenna receives thousands of sine waves simultaneously.  So, how does it “tune into” a single radio station?  It uses a tuner to separate out ONE sine wave from the thousands received.  They work on principle called resonance.  “Turning the dial” changes the resonance of the tuner, thus filtering out all but one desired station.

Can imagine yourself as the antenna?  

You are receiving thousands of stimuli from your environment only not just through a single channel.  You are also receiving/sensing through multiple channels/senses simultaneously.  Your experience of that environment depends on how you are “tuned”…or…set up to resonate with what you receive.  See the parallel?  Certain “signals” are being received, amplified, even combined, while others are being diminished, ignored, or deleted all together.  That’s why, you can be in the same situation with many other people, yet experience something totally unique to you.

Ever ask yourself, “Why does this keep happening to me?”  Well, if you are tuned to one station, yet expecting to hear a different one, that simply won’t work.  You need the flexibility to adjust your tuner to receive “new” signals.  THIS is the key focus of the work I do.  Provide you with a tool that allows you to develop your own ability to “tune in” differently, and the flexibility to change what you resonate with.  That’s a pretty powerful personal development tool, and, one that will serve you in any environment.

One more thing.  Take this one step further.  Assume you’re in a crowd and you are all part of a particular experience.  Who would you be “attracted” to?  More than likely, those who are “tuned” in a way similar to you.  Why?  Because you share the experience in a similar way…they are “like” you in some way — Law of Attraction at work!  This is also the basis of building rapport.  That’s a different but related topic.


Resonance of Awakening – What?

I’ve been asked many times over the years, why I used the name “Resonance of Awakening” for the online energy course we developed at Simply Energy.  It’s not so much that I want to start some new trend in natural healing, as it is an accurate description of what is actually happening, and here’s the kicker, no matter what transformational or personal development modality you work with. And that’s because at the root, what you’re doing is working directly with energy resonance in the human body.

The research is almost without boundaries when it comes to new discoveries and our evolving understanding of the energy world.  What is more important than my attempting to convince you of just one of the particular domains of energy knowledge however, is that you do enough research for yourself and find out where your own beliefs lie to embark on deeper work.  The short of it is that there are only two things that make up everything, matter and energy…and energy is becoming the more significant focus in the equation…MUCH more significant.  More specifically, it’s what we choose to do with the “space” that governs more than we imagined.  That’s where Simply Energy can help!

Once you become more acquainted with the science behind the human condition, you quickly realize that the seemingly new age notion of “anything is possible” is actually true and natural to how we are “made.”  As are our natural abilities to rationalize away the concept of energy work to the point that we simply disregard it and continue looking for the quick fix amongst the myriad of self-help solutions.  And so it is that our presence is shaped by our beliefs. While it may seem like narrowing the focus is a good thing and helps maintain sanity, it’s really quite the opposite. We feel trapped, limited, bound to patterns of reality that aren’t even our own.  You didn’t shape what you now experience, although you have been reinforcing it perhaps unwittingly. Painful it is, to find many other authors and practitioners who spin this in some specially crafted way as to appear like a new concept.  No matter the language around energy work, it’s not new.  That said, find what resonates with you and go with it, being mindful however, of your bank account balance along the way.

The point of energy work is quite simply to start with the end game in mind and work directly with the most powerful part of the existence equation, the energy that is already a natural part of you, and is responsible for anything and everything that that is described in any language form.  It’s more difficult to come across logically when trying to talk or write about energy work than it is to experience it directly.

This is why I offer not only a free intake session but provide a first hand experience of energy coaching work to address something specific so that you can’t NOT notice the results.

When you experience the result, after only one session, you begin to see the power you have to create the possibilities you deserve. That’s what my work, and the work of many others in this field, is about. Getting you to a point of creation.


Fat Language – Can you spot it?

Leaders Listen Up!  Fat language is everywhere — that vague language that can mean many things, depending on the listener’s translation given their perceptions, filters, and beliefs in play.  Can you spot it?  Do you use it?  Can you tell the when it’s well intended and when it’s used to confuse and misdirect?  Vague language can be empowering…or…very disempowering.  As a leader, you should know the difference?  If not, you need to figure it out because it could make the difference in what happens next for you.  I can help!


Transformation – Finding Your Path!

When you’re on a quest to develop yourself, how do you know what source/path/process is right for you?  The answer is surprisingly simple.  It’s the one that you connect to, and works for you!  And by “works,” I mean that you see results, and quickly!

To make the best decision, be mindful (not rational) what drives your “connection” to the source. Einstein was quoted as saying “You cannot solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it.”  This statement, holds true for your quest.  Most  books and/or programs contain something like this; “I’ve been on a search for the best of the best, I scoured hundreds of sources and couldn’t find anything that worked, until one day, it hit me, why isn’t there a way to combine all the best things in the best bodies of work and package a super accelerated development program?”  Sound familiar?

Well, to be fair, it is indeed true for the person who actually experienced it.  The hope is however, that you will buy into all of “their” research and discovery being right for you as well.  Perhaps your journey would have led you to something different, perhaps even better.  You can buy into someone else’s story.  You cannot buy someone else’s experience!  You could say you are leveraging their experience.  If this is the case for you, being present and mindful about your choices is where the truth lies.

Oh…and guess what, as you might have guessed, my story is in fact similar.  I’ve been on the wellness, spiritual development, and coaching path for many years and have been through a great number of books, training programs, and seminars.  Along side of this life path, I’ve spent over 30 years working predominantly as a organizational development oriented turn around specialist for both large and small organizations.  During those years, I was able to experiment with the practical application of techniques and modalities in real world business settings.  In short, I bridge the realms of practical energy techniques within the business environment.  But I’m getting away from the point.

So…how can you tell who’s story is real, and whose is a fabrication or exaggeration, leveraging the crafty marketing approaches.  The point right up front is to step back before you leap forward.  Give yourself purposeful permission to just wade around in the self-development waters for a spell.  Give a light touch to several paths, talk with people you know find out as much as you can so you can make an informed entry into the world of developing yourself.  The short answer is that there IS a path that will work for you.  It can be difficult to sift through all those who claim to have done all the work…and found or made a program especially for you.  So, one way you could do a check up from the feet up, yes, I meant “feet” because energy work is about the whole body, is to do a free initial session with me to work on how to find your best path.

Let’s step back a second and take another look at Einstein’s quote, and, blend that with some modern psychology. The antithesis of it goes something like; you can’t grasp something that’s too far out of reach, i.e., you find it difficult to connect to it.  And, if you can’t connect to it, it’s not likely to work for you. It’s easy in this vein to see how the program is at fault when really, the seeker was just not ready for that particular program.  To say this more directly, the programs “you believe” are the right ones, and that have someone “you believe” to be a guru behind them…are more likely to fit your style.  Why? Because that’s where you are, what you’re ready for and able to see, because it’s close enough to your current world perception that it’s easy for “you to believe” it’s the right thing for you. AND…(jumping way forward into the energy space)…the reality of your situation is indeed that it feels right in that moment.

So…being mindful of how many times you’ve been through this cycle is a good tell on whether or not you’ve been making the right calls along the way.  This feedback is the most important piece of making the next decision.  Are you getting results, or not?  How easy are you finding it to identify what really works for you?  Have you spent a lot of time and money bouncing from program to program?  You can stop the madness…with a little mindfullness.

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